be quiet! Introduces Pure Wings 3 White Fans

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅30.01.2024 21:48:12
Press Release

be quiet! announces a new colour version for its mainstream fan series: Pure Wings 3 White. With a low minimum rpm and high top-end speed, Pure Wings 3 White is the perfect PC fan for any application, whether it is a demanding workstation or an entry-level gaming build. Thanks to an optimized fan frame, it delivers outstanding performance on radiators while the newly designed fan blades and re-arranged angle result in extraordinary air pressure. Compared to Pure Wings 3 in black, the new Pure Wings 3 White will omit the 3-pin models and therefore only come in four versions: 120mm PWM, 120mm PWM high-speed, 140mm PWM, and 140mm PWM high-speed. The colour scheme of the fan sticker has been changed to grey-on-white to better suit the overall aesthetics. All Pure Wings 3 White high-speed models include an innovative closed-loop motor to keep the rpm stable no matter the resistance. The result is a fan series that offers outstanding reliability and makes for a long-lasting companion for your gaming system.

Optimized for unprecedented air pressure and maximum airflow
The fan frame outlet of Pure Wings 3 White is newly designed to minimize air leaks. This benefits especially the radiator performance. To reach even higher performance, the fan blades are optimized as well: their angle is adjusted to achieve even more air pressure, resulting in an unprecedented performance in its class. But Pure Wings 3 White doesn’t just perform well on radiators, it’s also the perfect case fan: with optimizations for maximum airflow, Pure Wings 3 White is the right choice for any case configuration that demands high cooling performance and a great air circulation. The airflow-optimized fan blades not only reduce noise-generating turbulences but also ensure the performance that is needed, even in demanding configurations. True to the company name, Pure Wings 3 White fans are extremely silent thanks to a very low starting rpm and thanks to proven rifle bearing technology, these fans boast a lifespan of 80,000 hours.

High-speed version with closed loop motor for great cooling performance
The Pure Wings 3 White 120mm PWM high-speed and Pure Wings 3 White 140mm PWM high-speed are specifically designed for demanding configurations, increasing the maximum speed to 2100 rpm and 1600 rpm respectively while integrating no less than 9 airflow-optimized fan blades. This results in a remarkably high air pressure of up to 2.41mm/H2O for the 120mm version and 2.44mm/H2O for the 140mm version. And that’s not all: the high-speed models also include a unique closed loop motor, comparable with a cruise control in cars. When working against resistance, fans usually spin slower as a result. The closed loop motor technology constantly monitors the current rpm and increases it to the target, if necessary. As a result, Pure Wings 3 White high-speed fans always operate at the desired speed, no matter the resistance.

Pricing and Availability
The be quiet! Pure Wings 3 White is available in retail from February 13. For suggested retail pricing below:
Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM: $9.90 / €13.90 / £10.99
Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM high-speed: $9.90 / €13.90 / £10.99
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM: $11.90 / €14.90 / £10.99
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed: $11.90 / €14.90 / £10.99

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