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First, the fat storage happens in the fat cells or fat sacks as they are also known. These cells store the fat tissue known as triglycerides. When the fat cells are filled with triglycerides and their number increases, they become bigger and that process is known as fat storage of lipogenesis. The size of the fat sacks is reduced only when the triglycerides are removed. The fat cells cannot be removed in any other way but with liposuction. The fat storage process is Testoviron as lipogenesis and the fat loss process Test Prop called lipolysis. The fat loss starts with lipolysis process, during which the triglycerides or the fat is taken out of the fat cells, then broken down in free acids and carried out with the blood stream, where they are oxidized. Before the oxidation process, the fatty acids are not metabolized into fuel. When free fatty acid oxidation, the body cells use the circulating free fatty acids as fuel within the cell mitochondria.

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